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for the linkIt opens the door to a deeper connection to all living things. “Moss Garden at the Saihouji Temple  Kyoto Japan” Photographed by Phyllis Furumoto

Regenerative Development starts from a radically different perspective — human environments and activities can and should be engines of positive evolutionary change for all living systems. The path begins with Place.”  from the Regenesis Group web site:

At first we thought that we just needed to buy a place and then pour money into it, changing it to what we wanted, and then we would be successful.  Now we know that this is the kind of mind that has created great deficits in our financial, environmental, and social structure. 

We learned that what is driving our enthusiasm for Reiki Home is this new understanding.  New, relative to our way of thinking in these last generations.We learned how we can participate in “being the change” by undertaking a regenerative shift in our way of seeing who we are as human beings.  Our species is a vital part of the planetary evolution and being committed to Regeneration is the natural choice in light of our experiences with Reiki.


Vital Energy
DSC_0070There are many ways to share it. “Hummingbird at the Desert Museum, Tucson, AZ” Photographed by Phyllis Furumoto

The word vitality come from the Latin…vita or “life.”  “The concept of vitality has deep roots in Eastern philosophies and healing traditions.

The ancient Chinese concept of Chi, the Japanese notion of Ki, the Balinese notion of Bayu, and the Indian notion of Prana all refer to an underlying life energy or force that flows through living things and is the basis of life and health.  Ancient and enduring health practices from acupuncture to reiki to yoga focus on manipulating and increasing the life energy.”  from authentic   Each human being bring a unique expression of life.  Each practice of Reiki brings a unique perspective of how to relate to the energy of Reiki.

Every living thing (which is everything in the universe) gives us another way of sharing this energy.  Together we form a whole.  Individually we are whole because we are a vital part of the whole.  Our conscious connection to Reiki allows this understanding to become a way of life. 



Gratitude water

It opens the door to a deeper connection to all living things. “The Wave off of North Stradbroke Island Queensland Australia” Photographed by Scott Howlett

Imagine that instead of exchange we all gifted each other for what has been given?  How could we possibly gift someone the value of our life?  The value of Reiki practice in our life?  In the natural world, humans excepted, all things are given simply because this is the way the balance is kept.

We humans have adopted philosophies and ways of thinking that go against our natural ability to give.  Reiki becomes like the ocean and the rock, each gives the other their best and the two are changed forever.   


Companionship and Conection


The path is a long one without companionship and connection “The Path on Kuramayama near Kyoto Japan” Photographed by Phyllis Furumoto

As a human being, our lives are liken to a path through the forest or through a natural environment that is full of challenges and the unknown. We have relied on each other to have deep companionship through these scary and, often, difficult phases. 

The tribal system and the ancient medicines all rely on community to be a part of the healing, of the becoming, and the comfort.  The other piece of the human experience, though we are one, is to live as though we are not.  The aloneness of this state calls for us to reach into the depths of the self and find the place where we are connected and we know we are connected to the greater power that is often seen as omething outside of ourselves. 

It is not outside of us, the path is an inner path, the journey an inner journey, and the connection is an inner one that leads us all Home.  Those that are lost are not aware of the connection. Reiki gives us this gift.  


DSC_0054Questions and Doubts are as valuable as enthusiasm. Photographed by Phyllis Furumoto

Imagine two arrows representing energetic direction pointing toward one another.  One represents Activating Force and the other Restraining Force.

Often we feel stuck in the middle of these two forces.  Many of us were raised to choose one over the other or to determine which one is wrong and which is right.  What if these two forces were ‘just so”?  In other words, in all situations, there are two forces, one activating and one restraining.

Many times we choose one or the other or reduce each one in order to find compromise.  However, when a compromise is reached, it means that part of the force has been reduced.  What would happen if we choose to keep the full energy of both and allowed inspiration to create a new experience, a reconciliation that would use all of the energy given?  When we “send” Reiki to a situation or pray or just “give it up to God,”  we are injecting spirit, inspiration into the situation. 

When this happens, something new is born in that moment.  In our Reiki lives, over and over, we have experienced this in small ways and sometimes, in critical situations.  This is how Reiki Home was conceived and is the spirit in which we strive to embrace all energy that comes to Reiki Home.  Questions provoke our minds and, without defensiveness, provide the fertile ground for something to emerge.  Something new. 

Mikao Usui was asked a question and out of that question, we have our Reiki practice.