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Phyllis FurumotoShow: July 24, 2011

Jürgen Kindler is interviewing Phyllis Furumoto as she reflects on the essence of Reiki Home and the step that Reiki itself is asking for.

Kathy Tyler

Show: August 4, 2011

A pilgrim on her spiritual path, Kathy was lead to the Findhorn community in Scotland and met Reiki there in the early 1980’s. Kathy is the co-author of The Transformation Game and the original Angel Cards and continues to listen to the wisdom of the universe as it comes through her. Outspoken, direct, and passionate, she holds her humanity and the humanity of all others with grace, compassion, and gentleness. This interview will give you much food for thought as you move through your daily life of living in community. See these web sites for inspiration:

Ben Haggard

Show: September 29. 2011

Permaculture, sustainability, and regenerative process. What do these concepts have to do with community? And with the Reiki community?Ben’s ability to put complex thoughts into simple statements that impact the way listeners think/act is a gift that he generously shares during this interview. Human beings as a part of the natural landscape can be a life changing shift in thinking. This is one of the gifts of our practice of Reiki. How can we use this gift to serve the earth and all living things? A question Ben eloquently answers.

Show: October 6. 2011

In this second interview, Ben continues to speak of the qualities of community from the perspective of regenerative mind and a wholistic vision. As an interview changes to a conversation introducing the Reiki Home project to the listeners, Ben and I enjoy exploring ways in which a conscious community could benefit the practice of Reiki, the land site of the Reiki Home as well as the surrounding communities, and creating an enduring legacy for the practice of Reiki and human kind. To find more information about the Reiki Home

Svetlana Ushakova

Show: October 20, 2011

When attending a Reiki masters’ seminar in Almaty, Svetlana heard about the Reiki Home and was immediately touched by the concept. As the days passed her thoughts lead her to more and more ideas about the Reiki Home. Interestingly enough, these ideas are already incorporated into the vision that the Reiki Foundation International is holding. Our first interpreted show, Nur Stepanova is the Russian interpreter for the show.

Paul Mitchell

Show: October 13, 2011

As the last of the series of interviews about the essential gifts and challenges of living in community, Paul Mitchell brings to us two experiences of living in intentional communities. Often, Reiki students wonder what it might be like to live in an intentional community with Reiki as a guide. Through the slow organic process, the Reiki Home is developing into an expression of our practice and our community.

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