Reiki Home

As a student receives the teaching of a Reiki practice, this information goes into a special place, often spoken about as Home.  “I have come Home.”  “I feel connected to my Home.”  “I was looking for something and now I have found it.”  These are all common feelings of Reiki students.

As the practice becomes a part of daily life, often a local community is formed, whether this is a group of 4 people who decide to meet each week and exchange Reiki treatments or a yearly community gathering that may number over 100 students who come together for a weekend, this practice grows another level of Home.  A local community Home may or may not include a master.

Reiki practices have grown in number and have propagated local communities around the world.

In 2009, a group of Reiki students met and out of this meeting a year-long conversation occurred.  The topic was “What does Home mean to me.”  This conversation took the participants deeply into their spiritual and emotional longings.  These conversations set the stage for the following year’s meeting in which the phrase, Reiki Home, was first whispered.  A series of processes was set in motion that is now being articulated on this web site…..and yet, the process has only begun to reveal itself.  The Dream of Reiki Home is unveiling itself as the board of the Reiki Foundation International takes one step after another.  As soon as any attachment is made to a form, something comes along to change that form.  This produces the continual experience of following the calling of Reiki…..without knowing the end result, without being able to visualize the Dream, and without needing to know why…..because it continues to unfold and unfold.
Take a look at the site.  Add your voice to the Blogs.  Become a member of the Circle of Reiki Friends.  Belong to the growing foundation of Reiki Home.  Become one of the pioneers of this next step for the practice of Reiki.