The Journey


The Journey
Timeline, will be available for viewing soon


As with all life, the Reiki Home is a process that started as a static idea. Our idea at the time was to raise money, purchase Kenyon Ranch….and start up Reiki Home.  Be successful.

This plan did not work.  Not because it was a bad idea but because we did not see the process that Reiki Home would become.

We sought assistance by asking Ben Haggard and the Regenesis team to help us in discovering the process that would lead us to understanding the principles and the vision that we felt but could not put into words.

Soon we were asked many questions that we did not have answers for:  What are the global imperatives that are behind the Reiki Home?  What is the service that the Reiki community can offer the world?  Is it possible to acknowledge our connection through Reiki without having to all be the same?  What is the value of the experience of giving and receiving Reiki treatments?

So we embarked on the part of the journey that was fueled by questions such as these.  We have discovered that this process is for Reiki…….the energy…..but more importantly for the practices that have evolved to connect with the energy called Reiki.  This ecumenical approach comes from a natural desire to embrace whoever is called to Reiki Home.  The balance of form and essence is always within us and within the universe.  The time seems right for each student to be able to hold the form that he/she was given as their path while joining a global circle of Reiki students….whose common experience of being in conscious connection with the energy Reiki is a bond that is human, natural, and expanding.

We are realizing that saying “the earth is alive” is different than coming from the knowing that “the earth is a living entity.”  The systems of Reiki are living entities.  Humanity is a living entity.  We are a part of all of these changing, developing, and connected entities.  Reiki Home gives us an opportunity to bring all of these entities together on the planet in a place that will become a pilgrimage site.  This means that those who are called will embark on a journey that will include taking inspiration and knowledge back to their local home to help create locally what is happening globally.

The Board of the Reiki Foundation International was called upon to expand their individual capacity to hold Reiki Home …..all of its facets, as well as manage the physical undertakings needed to lay a solid foundation for such a vision.  The Board Retreat video (link) is a summary of where they were August 2012.  And will give you an idea of the direction in which they are being lead.

Reiki Home now needs the element of community.  Our image includes 10,000 members of The Circle of Reiki Friends joining together….to face in the same direction, not necessarily agreeing or promising anything….but to say “yes, we are willing to belong to the Circle now.”

The journey is never ending…and it is said that the journey is the place of aliveness.  Certainly this is true for those who have been involved with Reiki Home.   The journey starts with a step……and continues on the path with each following step.  We do not know what the end of the path looks like or what steps we will take along the way…..but we trust in the calling of Reiki and the voice of Reiki that speaks softly and sweetly in our hearts.