Reiki Home Circle

We are forming a circle of Reiki Home friends: the Reiki Home Circle. You are invited to join us in creating a gathering place for the world community of Reiki students and all others touched by the energy of Reiki.

Together we are building a lasting legacy for future generations. This connection can bring together the different practices and forms of Reiki in peace to serve our planetary community in ways unknown to us at present.

We would love to have you in our circle!

The Reiki Home Circle means that you can join us, in the recognition that we are practicing a world tradition, that there is a world community of Reiki students. Let us celebrate our connection by extending our virtual hands and hearts.

Together we will create a Reiki Gathering Place, with a way of living in which all life flourishes.

Your joining the Circle is an expression of connection that celebrates our common experience of Reiki.

Through the Reiki Home Circle, you are connecting with people who have been touched by Reiki and wish to be a part of energetic healing in the world on every level.


Reiki Home is at once a vision and a potential being made manifest.

Our Vision is a world where Reiki creates a way of living in which all life flourishes.

We are manifesting a place where students, masters, and all others who have been touched by the energy of Reiki, can participate in a thriving community, living this Vision.


If you feel inspired by our Vision, there are many ways you can contribute. Join the international Reiki community in bringing Reiki Home to life!

You are invited to:

. spread the word

. send Reiki

. make a financial contribution

. Join our Reiki Home circle! 

 ….and maybe there are other ways to contribute we don’t know yet!