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Celebrate Reiki !! in Beautiful Bavaria

Celebrate Reiki !! in Beautiful Bavaria

It is only fitting that my first blog entry for Reiki Home be an exciting announcement. RFIʼs first official event, Celebrate Reiki!, will be held in Germany…more specifically, at the beautiful Schloss Blumenthal in Aichach-Klingen, Germany. We will gather together as a community to experience a weekend of music, dance, theatre, creativity, and Reiki. What better way to experience Reiki Home than to come together and share our vision of community and living “Together in Vitality.” When we acknowledge our interdependence, our oneness and life energy grow so that we may serve in more beautiful ways.

This will be a weekend you will not want to miss. Here is a glimpse of what the weekend will hold:

•Creating community opportunities through sharing our Reiki journey with one another…showing respect for how we got here and a willingness to support going forward.

•Creating and sharing joyful entertainment with the Staff of Joy and Life:

•Gerhardt Herzog, the talented musician who many know and love from the German Reiki Festival;

•Krishna Kloers, also well known at the German Reiki Festival and brings her love of dance and supporting people as they find their power in creating community;

• Melanie Hoffstead, the ever joyful storyteller and entertainer who inspires others to express their vision; and

•Rick Bockner, the long time musician and Reiki Master who inspires all to feel gratitude for the gift we call Reiki.

•Sharing meals on the lovely grounds of Schloss Blumenthal.

bavariaCelebrate Reiki! is an event for all Reiki students and masters. We invite all forms of practice and invite family members as well. For more information on how to participate in this wonderful weekend we call Celebrate Reiki!, click here.

I hope to see you there!

With great excitement!

Karen E. Jones Executive Director, RFI


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Reiki Home

Reiki Home

Photo by Aleema Fontaine

Today I read the newspaper : wars, murders, rape, greed, gossip, selfishness….. and also a few wonderful little glimpses of positive change: the possible end of polio, new scientific research in the medical field, and a few stories of the generosity and kindness of individuals. It made me wonder about how this balance between the dark and the light might be changed as this century moves on. For me, the Reiki Home project offers the potential of tipping the balance in favour of the light.

I imagine a place where the values are based on co-operation instead of competition, the conscious development of new strategies and structures to support the huge, if currently half-hidden, shift towards a society aware of the bigger picture of planetary evolution, a place of learning, spiritual growth and healing in the context of reiki. A place of joy, music, dance. I imagine a place where humans can live in harmony with the land in a way that has been largely forgotten in modern times, using both the wisdom of the past and the eco-technology of the future.  All this is possible, and more, so let’s hold the vision and keep faith with Reiki !

Kristin Bonney

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