Reiki Home continues to develop, breathing life into the concept of a global community.


Reiki Home, a nonprofit in the USA, provides opportunities for being in Reiki and working together in joy and vitality. The Board of Directors and the Core Team hold the vision of Reiki Home as it continues to develop, breathing life into the concept of a global community.

The purpose of Reiki Home is: to serve the world by educating people in ways that the practice of Reiki creates a way of living that promotes mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health in which all life flourishes. We offer the following to expand and clarify the meaning of the purpose statement:

Our inspiration is Reiki – universal life energy.

Our mission is to invite the worldwide Reiki community to participate in creating sacred space where all are welcomed, respected, and nourished; embracing our universal connectedness.

Our objective is to continue to manifest and promote Reiki Home by…

Creating virtual and physical sacred spaces where people gather and connect.

Offering opportunities to learn and experience Reiki and regenerative principles.

Providing spaces where the authentic role of healer, a committed connected community, and the expression of gratitude through service are explored and acknowledged.

Establishing a legacy for future generations.

The Council of Electors elects the Board of Directors who govern the work of Reiki Foundation International. They appoint the Creative Director of Reiki Home to oversee this work.

Volunteer Chartered Teams support the work of Reiki Home; they consist of: Core Team, Akademia Team, Communication Team, Executive Director Team, Translation Team, Trinidad Team, Newsletter Team, Website Team, and Together in Reiki Team.