Reiki Home continues to develop, breathing life into the concept of a global community.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors establishes policies and procedures, oversees programs and financial affairs, ensures proper management and use of assets and supervises the Creative Director of Reiki Home. The Board complies with the State and Federal laws of the USA.

The Board members are elected by the Council of Electors and serve three-year terms; members may serve more than one term. The officers of the Board are: President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary. The Board meets twice a month, holds a three-day virtual meeting in March and meets in the Fall for the Annual General Meeting (an 8-day in-person meeting).

Alternate Board members are elected by the Council of Electors and serve a one-year term. They attend all Board meetings and are prepared to serve as a Board member if an elected Board member resigns. As an alternate, they do not vote in decisions made.

Robert KrampsThe Netherlands

Peter Coates-BuglearUK

Grainne Warner, UK

Donna Stetser, USA

Birgit Knorr, USA

Patricia Cuadrado De Mattos, Uruguay

André Baptista, Brazil

Christopher Tellez, USA

Trinidad Conference

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