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Astrid Milvi Bagwitz

Secretary, Estonia

I was born in Accra, Ghana, into a German/Estonian family of global nomads. Our family lived in Spain, Portugal and Kenya, where I went to boarding school and did my Abitur. At age 17, I moved to Germany and attended University. I studied economics and began working.  My work in the business world never satisfied me. I felt uprooted, unloved, and depressed.  Ever since I can remember, I have had a keen interest in spirituality, healing and ethnology. I also have a deep bond with nature, music, poetry, and art. My work did not reflect my passion. 

When my mother passed away suddenly in 2008, while she was leaving her body I saw and felt a divine energy. It was a mystical experience. I began searching for people who had the same experience. I wanted to connect, to understand; I needed to heal. I found reports about Reiki and decided to have a treatment.

After the first treatment, all skepticism fell away. During my treatment I felt the same divine energy I did when my mother passed. Reiki and I found each other and deep healing began. Unknowingly I had been looking for this all of my life – a direct connection to God, the “all-one”. I went from believing to knowing, from intellectualizing to palpably feeling the divine energy, Reiki.  A deep healing process started on all levels of my being. I found home within every treatment and decided to study Reiki.

After first degree, I started practicing publicly and became a full-time Reiki-student and practitioner. I worked part time in business to support myself financially. I was initiated to mastery in 2012. Currently I live, teach, and practice Reiki in Estonia and work part-time as a high school language teacher.

As a global nomad and Reiki-student, I feel it is important to have a touchstone, a home, a still point, a sacred place of gathering and community. When I was introduced to Reiki Home, the RFI, and regenerative thought, I was immediately enthused. I have served on various RFI teams, as well as on the board. Working with people from all over the world with the same vision and calling is a huge gift and honor. The people I have met have become family. I am deeply grateful for the never-ending gifts Reiki gives me. Reiki Home is one way for me to give back to Reiki in gratitude.

“Reiki Home is a touchstone, a still point, a sacred place of gathering and community.” ~ Astrid Milvi Bagwitz, Estonia

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