The Story of Reiki Home

Beginnings: The Story of Reiki Home

Reiki Home began as a small seed, a concept pregnant with potential, resulting from the lived experience of Reiki students around the globe. No matter what their language or culture, Reiki students often express their practice, individually, or in gatherings, as connecting them to a sense of home. The yearning for home finds expression in poetry, art, story and song.

At a retreat organized by Phyllis Furumoto and Paul Mitchell in 2009, participants were divided into four focus groups. The “Home Group” was asked to explore the questions: Does Usui Shiki Ryoho need/want a home? If so, how might that manifest? The discussion was so vibrant in the initial meeting that some members chose to meet during their free time and the energy of home grew.

That evening, the Home Group presented the vision of Home as a place where:

• all students are welcome.
• students gather in physical and virtual presence.
• Reiki is shared in a safe, supportive and familiar space.

The group also discussed the need for a place where historical documents and photographs could be archived and the desire for a website that would be available to all students. This group committed to “hold” the energy of “Home” until the next yearly gathering, and so the commitment became active, conscious and explicit.

During the year, the Home Group met exploring their experiences and the meaning of the word “home”. They recognized “home” is:

• found in relationship with ourselves and with one another.
• a state of being one with ourselves, others and the world.
• expressed in student gatherings happening around the world.

Desiring to express their journey, the group asked Elaine Andres to create a definition of home. The poem Home crystallized diverse expressions of the need for comfort, security, acceptance and love.

The Home Group shared their yearlong experience at the 2010 Retreat. The energy nurtured and expressed by the group reached out and engaged the hearts and souls of the participants. The discussion was alive and vibrant. Energy filled the room and the desire for home grew.

During the next year, the group held the energy of “home” and continued to listen for direction. By doing the “heart work” they served the global community and trusted “home” to unfold in its own way and in its own time.

New topics of conversation began to emerge as the group entered the unknown. Topics included the pain felt when stepping out of our comfort zone and Reiki’s invitation to express compassion. They realized Home is about growing a consciousness of “home” within ourselves and our community.

For over two years, the Home Group nurtured the seed and the energy of “home.” Within its care, the energy expanded and touched the hearts and souls of others. With the recognition that their work was complete, they celebrated their journey of learning by restating that:

• everyone needs to be included.
• compassion is essential for growth.
• each individual is an indispensible part of the whole.
• The paradox of difference and oneness can coexist.

They celebrated that the small seed had taken form and that now Home needed a larger container. The work and energy passed to the Reiki Foundation International Board of Directors with the intention that it would mature and bear fruit.

Reiki Home is alive as this unfolding adventure continues.

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