The Story of Reiki Home

Creating Presence

Reiki students are walking into new ways of expressing Reiki, of being together, and serving the world. Reiki was first taught as a gift for self, family and friends. Later public practices began and local Reiki communities grew to encompass a global presence. Students are sensing that Reiki is now calling for more.

Reiki Home invites us to experience more, to:
• join an amazing unfolding adventure.
• e
mbrace the Mystery, the unknown, the yet-to-be discovered.
• b
e in relationship with life.
• t
ake risks and stretch in new directions.
• m
anifest spiritual significance for ourselves and each other.

Reiki Home is a place where all students are welcomed, received and respected. It is a place where people with many different languages, cultures and worldviews gather. As we gather, we open ourselves to raising our consciousness, giving generously and serving abundantly.

Come!  Join the Conversation. Reiki Home is waiting for you!

Trinidad Conference

My Gift of Gratitude