The Story of Reiki Home

Reiki Home: A Conversation

Many people describe their experience of Reiki Home as “coming home”. Experience a unique opportunity that lets your voice be heard. Participate in a dynamic conversation with students around the world by sharing your experience of Reiki Home.

Below are a few of the many colors and expressions of Reiki Home. As you read, you will hear the voices of our community members. Add yours!

Share Your Voice.

“Reiki Home is a place from which I can afford to be generous. We can learn from other people with Reiki. It is really a watering hole for Reiki.” ~ Rick Bockner, Canada

“Reiki Home invites us into the mystery and the adventure as it continues to unfold and expand all the time.” ~ Grainne Warner, UK

“Reiki Home invites us to step outside of our perceptions and assumptions about Life and look at our lives in relationship to all there is and how we can participate in co-creation.” ~ Birgit Knorr, USA

“Reiki Home is holding a vision of inclusion. Reiki is calling us to become a path of reconciliation in the world.” ~ Laurence Fontaine, Mexico

“Reiki Home is a new manifestation of Reiki. We all have Reiki Home in ourselves and each of us has only a part of the idea of Reiki Home. As it happens with the Practice, the manifestation of Reiki Home will be what we create together. We are the physical manifestation of Reiki. We are the whole body and at the same time, part of the body.” ~ Carlos Sánchez, Argentina

“Those involved in Reiki Home seek to live the principles of Reiki as an active, worldwide community.” ~ Elaine Andres, USA

“Reiki Home is about answering the yearning of the world to unite in respect and with integrity as we work for peace, security and a connection to our center.” ~ Scott Howlett, Australia

“I believe my mission on earth is to heal the planet so my daughter has a better environment for her life. Reiki Home is a vehicle for accomplishing this goal. Reiki Home puts all things together for healing the planet.” ~ Andre Baptista, Brazil

“Reiki Home is a consciously concentrated field of Reiki which strengthens life force and regenerates practice.” ~ Ben Haggard, USA

“Reiki Home gives people a safe place to understand and research Reiki so the legacy thrives in the future.” ~ Tripuri Dunne, UK

“Reiki Home is a touchstone, a still point, a sacred place of gathering and community.” ~ Astrid Milvi Bagwitz, Estonia

“I used to think of Reiki Home as a place where I would come again and again. Recently I realized that home is a place I don’t want to leave. I feel I am at home with myself. It is a great sense for me.” ~ Nur Stepanova, Russian Federation

“Reiki is a universal energy that connects us all together. Within Reiki Home, Reiki is protected, nurtured and preserved.” ~ Peter Coates-Buglear, UK

“Reiki Home is an expression of the movement of life. It is an opportunity and an invitation to move into a new way of thinking and living that is regenerative and allows all living things to thrive.” – Donna Stetser, USA

“Reiki Home is helping me connect to my inner sense of exploration and discovery.” ~ Scott Howlett, Australia

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