The Story of Reiki Home

Trinidad Land

While attending the Board of Directors Annual General Meeting (AGM) in 2014, a Board member pledged ten acres of land located outside Port of Spain in Trinidad to Reiki Home.

The donor said, “The land represents for me a place of retreat and healing for our local, regional and global community, for those who share the vision of a loving, green environment. Reiki Home represents an opportunity for those who seek to create peace and regenerate the earth to experience a shared healing and connection.

The vision is that the land will provide opportunities to gather, to experience Reiki, to exchange ideas, to discover a place of stillness within.

The Board formed the Trinidad Board Committee to explore this vision of the pledged gift. In September 2016, a group of eight people from the Reiki community traveled to Trinidad with the intention of listening to Reiki and the land for our next steps. A second group of five traveled in January 2017 to connect with the local Reiki community and learn about the country. Both groups returned excited by the abundance of joy and giving that emanated from the land and its people.

In partnership with the Initiatives of Change, Creators of Peace, and the Trinidad & Tobago Indigenous People, the vision of a world conference was born.

The Board Committee was dissolved and the Trinidad Team was formed with the expressed mission to:
• engage with the potential of the Trinidad property.
• provide experiences that nurture the participants, community and land in a way that brings life to the Reiki principles.
• create a grounded, vibrating resource for Reiki Home.
• foster community.
• fulfill the vision of the pledged gift.

The Trinidad Team is now working with local groups and governmental channels to subdivide the land. A report is being prepared for Board discussion that will include the donor’s vision and governmental considerations.

Trinidad Conference

My Gift of Gratitude