The Story of Reiki Home

Trinidad: A Sharing

Joy flows like a river
Pure, clear,
Bubbling along,
From the North Range
To the South
East and West.

It is in the land
The People
The music
The vibration
Of this beautiful land.

Enlivens the soul
Heals the heart
And awakens the spirit.

By: Fran Freeman
September 24, 2016
[This poem was written during the first visit to the land in 2016.]

Laughter, trust and heart opening: A Reiki adventure in Trinidad

My journey to Trinidad and on the Trinidad team has been a journey defined by laughter, learning to trust in the offerings of life and a profound opening of my heart. When I visited Trinidad, it was a time in my life that was a turning point, a re-finding and re-defining of myself. It was the first time in 11 years that I traveled outside of the United States on my own. My husband and two children stayed behind. I had no agenda, no concrete reason why Trinidad. I just felt it in my heart and in my gut that I needed to go. I knew it would be the start of something beautiful, and I wanted to be a part of it. It was this journey to Trinidad that was being offered and so, why not Trinidad?

The trip was filled with beautiful moments, one after another. People, places and timing just flowed together creating the most amazing experiences. Our group was a lovely mix of people from different countries and backgrounds all open to the experience and allowing one another to be fully themselves. This allowed me to be open and authentic and to have huge moments of learning about myself. This began on our drive from the airport after our arrival. I turned to Rosina, our host, and said, “Oh, but you drive on the wrong side of the road here!” And she responded with her lovely contagious laughter and bright smile, “Oh, but maybe it is just the other side of the road.” This small exchange was so profound for me. Eye opening. Just the beginning of my learning and the perfect way to begin the journey.

In Trinidad, our days were filled with amazing experiences and interactions that we let our hearts and Reiki guide us to as a group. We learned to trust that everything was exactly as it should be. We were in exactly the right places at exactly the right times. Really, simply amazing! Some of the highlights were:

The people of Trinidad we met. They fed us, took us on journeys around the island, guided us, welcomed us into their homes, into their lives and into their families! Their laughter and their way of living in the moment affected me deeply. So alive and full of joy and life.

The land pledged to Reiki Home. Visiting and walking on the land. The deeply profound richness of it. The cacao and nutmeg trees, the huge blue butterfly and the humming birds and the hawks. A gorgeous stream in which we cooled our feet. The experience of the power and intensity of Reiki already present in the land.

The spontaneous journey to the First Nations Museum located on Paul Mitchell Road! A journey full of relationships that continue to be profound and full of blessings, openings and education for us all.

A first time celebration of Republic Day with a J’ouvert. A parade beginning at 3 o’clock in the morning of people in costumes and dancing and music. And OH, the music of the pan of Trinidad! The joy of it. It is like liquid laughter. Just try to stand still and not move your body, it is impossible. I had to buy a pan and lug it home to my family so they could really experience this instrument.

The food! So many delicious, new and interesting foods. And oh the fruit and vegetables! I mean seriously, you have not really tasted an avocado until you visit Trinidad.

Exploring so many places through out the country such as Pitch Lake, the Humming Bird Sanctuary, a leather and shoe cooperative, a Pan factory, swimming in the sea, The Abby of Mt. St. Benedict, the many incredible views of Trinidad.

And the many conversations explored. Spending time sharing Reiki and talking in our group. Sitting around the table at meal times with our host Halcyon. We spoke about everything. Talking about the world we all are a part of and live in, politics, relationships, education, healthcare. Nothing was taboo.

Looking back now, I realized how narrow my own lens really is and this was such a profound opportunity to broaden that lens and look at the world differently. And so much laughter! So much love. So much magical connecting! It was a profound and life changing experience. And now, I cannot wait to return!

With so much laughter, love and light!
[Calli Alexander-Hensley: Calli was one of the participants who visited the land in the Fall 2016.]

~January 12, 2018

Creative Director of Reiki Home, Elaine Andres, opened the first world conference Building Peace, Healing Ourselves, Healing the Earth on January 12. She welcomed Reiki Home’s partner organizations: the Creators of Peace, Initiatives of Change, the Indigenous People of Trinidad and Tobago and the International Institute for Peace through Tourism.

She said, “In Reiki we have five principles – all of which lead us to building peace. As we begin our time together, I’d like to focus upon the fifth principle: “Give Gratitude to every living thing.” When we are in the energy of Gratitude, we are in a state of peace.”  Gratitude was then expressed to the many people who so generously gave, time, skills and gifts to make the conference happen.

She reminded the audience that Margaret Mead said, Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” she stated, It is from this small group of people who are gathered here in Trinidad that change will happen. Our gathering is about our combined commitment to dedicate ourselves to building peace in our own lives, in the lives of our families and local communities and in the world.

We have come together to share, to know and to experience each others passions, dedication and willingness to persevere. We are powerful beyond our ability to understand.”

Wandering Wonder

As I wander into each day
Thinking I know what it will be
I find the twists, turns, interruptions
Distractions, demands and interests
Shape these daylight hours
In ways I could not have imagined

I tried to cling to linear ways
To setting a straight course
With lists and plans and intentions
Only to find it this never worked
But what did happen was perfect
Perfect in timing, perfect in results

I could not have envisioned
The better outcomes that occur.
I learned not to opine
What I thought was a right way
But to experience the grace
Of flow and trust.

Observer and actor in this play
Not knowing the lines
Or having a script to follow
Allowing my self to be spontaneous
Releasing resistance to some change in the moment
Brings surprises and goodness
My old ways could not have produced.

A friendly chat at the Co-Op
Led to a meeting, then a connection
Finally to a consultant position
In a place where all are valued
Honored respected
I could not have planned this
I did not search for it
It found me

Now I am curious.
Where will this unfolding lead?
I simply have to wait, watch, and enjoy.

Francine Freeman
January 2, 2018

Trinidad Conference

My Gift of Gratitude