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Sponsor Reiki Home

Who Sponsors?

Our current sponsors are individuals, businesses, organizations and corporations who support the work of Reiki Home. Together, we share a common vision of a world that honors and respects all life. Sponsors do and can include:

• Reiki Associations
Reiki Centers
Training Programs
Alternative and holistic medical practices
Therapists: massage, art, music, mental health, psychologists
Spiritual communities
Permaculture communities
Communication Businesses
Professional Services: legal, accounting, medical
Schools and Universities
Spiritual companions: hospice, chaplains, spiritual directors

As a partner you…

• Participate in a global community committed to making a difference
Support people in living a life of grateful service
Connect with others who have similar values
Share your presence with those seeking to grow
Join a Reiki Community that lives in Asia, South America, Europe, Australia/New Zealand, Central America, Africa and North America.

Become a Sponsor Choose your level of involvement and complete the short information form.