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We are grateful for the generosity of our sponsors. Together, they make it possible for Reiki Home to continue to expand our offerings. We are honored to work together to make a difference in the world. Thank you for sponsoring Reiki Home.

Organizations & Corporations

Ester Strijbos
Web Design & Development
1526 Carrington Bay Road
Whaletown, BC, Canada

Pagefield Communications Ltd, London, UK
The Courtyard Studio
18 Marshall Street
London W1F 7BE
Telephone: +44 (0) 20 3327 4050

The Labyrinth Center
58 Dark Star Way
Fairview, NC USA
Telephone: 1-828-628-1706

Sacred Path Ministry
1430 Willamette, #504
Eugene, OR 97401 USA

Sugi Health and Fitness
2096 Hoover Ave.
Pleasant Hill, CA 94523

Reiki Centers

Reikicentrum Zijn
Johannes Camphuysstraat 150-152
2593 CT Den Haag
Telephone: +31 70 367 79 64 /+31 6 1218 1950

The Living Light Center
5440 SW Florida Street
Portland, OR 97219
Telephone: 1-503-246-2117

278 Pleasant Valley Road
Brattleboro Vermont 05301
Telephone: 1-413-230-1077

Reiki Kodu
Jamma tn 5
72212 Türi (järvamaa)
Telephone: 00372 3857340

SF Reiki Center
3150 18th St, #243,
San Francisco, CA 94100

Reiki Associations

The Reiki Association – UK
108 Augustus Road
London, SW19 6ER