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Charlotte Bessels – The Gift of Witnessing

“I have been involved in Reiki Home for almost nine years and my passion has grown tremendously. Coming from a place where it seemed important to create a physical Home for Reiki as a place of pilgrimage, a place to be nourished, a place to accommodate the heritage of my practice of Usui Shiki Ryoho, I have learned that we all, as practitioners of all forms of Reiki, carry Reiki Home, consciously or unconsciously, inside ourselves. It now feels like it is time for to learn how to use the gift of Reiki in service to make the world a better place.

My journey with Reiki Home first began in 2009 when I attended the Office of the Grand Master (OGM) Retreat in Arizona. During a morning session, I chose to attend a group session for which the topic was to explore the possibility of Reiki having a home. This group was motivated and excited about the concept and even used break times to continue working together.  Our conclusion was that having a home for Reiki was a very good idea.

About a month later, Elaine Andres contacted the members of the “Home Group” and shared that she was still pondering this idea of Home. She wanted to know if I was interested in participating. A group of us began meeting monthly by Skype and continued to explore the concept of home in our lives and in relation to Reiki.  

A year later, Elaine synthesized our thoughts in a beautiful poem we refer to as the “Home”.  This was presented at the OGM Retreat in 2010 and was wonderfully received.  The “Home” continues to be a beacon today as we create Reiki Home as a global reality.

The calling for a Reiki Home was so obvious that an organization was needed. The members of the Reiki Foundation International Board of Trustees agreed to transition their organization to serve the creation of Reiki Home. A Board of Directors was elected in 2011.

I was invited to join the Board and soon determined my most effective role was as an energetic support and witness to the Board meetings, either virtually or physically.  I continue to view this as my work with this project and support Reiki Home energetically on a daily basis.

For several years, I participated in the Core Team, a group of Reiki practitioners that supports the Board. The team explores new ways for Reiki to serve the world and works in partnership with the Board to manifest the vision of Reiki Home.

We are asked to practice as we were taught, to be willing to step into the unknown, and to open ourselves for new insights, new possibilities, new ways of being community.  

This invitation led to an awareness of the need to be inclusive of other forms of practice. We now invite all those who practice Reiki to join us in a common desire to improve our world.

This is a challenge for me personally, and for us as a world community. I feel extremely grateful that I am part of it. Twenty-five years of practicing Reiki has taught me that Reiki guides us.”

Charlotte Bessels became a witness for the Board of Directors of Reiki Home in 2011. She is involved, informed and a most amazing witness to the growth and spirit of Reiki Home. She is a role model who inspires all; we are very blessed and grateful to have her as a part of our lives.

Donna Harris – The Call of the Land

“I was an observing friend of Reiki Home for four years. Then with the generous pledge of a gift of land in Trinidad, my imagination was sparked. I became an official ‘volunteer’.

In my work as a Reiki Master and Lifewalk coach, I meet many people who experience spiritual and emotional homelessness. Native Traditions influence my conviction to maintain a connection with Mother Earth; it is grounding when we can experience all aspects of ourselves.

For me, the concept of Reiki Home offers us such a connection. It invites us to discover new ways of being together – to conceptualize, collaborate, and create. In Trinidad we’re invited to let a vision take root on pristine land.

When I visited the land, I felt the land calling me and us to:

  • Honor Mother Earth by exploring environmentally friendly, sustainable ways to develop the land.
  • Deepen our social consciousness as we honor the cultural practices of the Indigenous People.
  • Open our doors and hearts to include a broader Reiki Community.

I was profoundly awakened to a new level of consciousness when I walked the path to the river’s edge on the pledged land. We smudged with white sage, gave tobacco offerings to the land in gratitude and placed a dream catcher by the stream. Later, with a sense of wonderment, we learned of the similarities between North American and Caribbean Indigenous people’s practices. It is a fine line of separation.

I believe Reiki Home is inviting us to find home within ourselves, with others and to honor and preserve our planet. I have faith that Reiki is guiding us.”

Donna Harris’ work involves being a Reiki master and a counselor. She holds an aspiration of a world Reiki community living with peace, liberty and justice while respecting the interlinking threads of connection that we all share. She became involved with Reiki Home after she travelled to Trinidad in September 2016. Since then, she is a team member of the Trinidad Team, Trinidad Conference Team and the Communications Team.

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