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To Our Volunteers and Donors — We honor and acknowledge your gifts

We acknowledge those unnamed for they served Reiki before Reiki Home’s conscious birth creating a container to receive its emergence. They created a solid foundation, allowing the seed of “home” to be planted. They listened deeply to the call of Reiki unfolding a vision slowly step by step. They continued to come, serving in gratitude, as the global community was recognized – one person at a time. It is from this rich heritage that Reiki Home now flourishes and serves the world in gratitude.

We acknowledge the Usui Shiki Ryoho system of Reiki for it was through this lineage that Reiki Home emerged.

We acknowledge Phyllis Lei Furumoto and Paul Mitchell for providing a rich foundation for growth in this System.

We acknowledge the Reiki Foundation International Board of Trustees who held the energy of a nonprofit organization, willing to wait as the purpose for their work emerged.

We acknowledge the physical location of Kenyon Ranch as the gathering space where the seed of “Reiki Home” was planted, born and began to grow.

We acknowledge the Home Group who held the space for the energy of “home” to appear and for the definition to be become clearly expressed in the poem Home.

We acknowledge the Board of Directors and the Council of Electors who listened deeply to Reiki for the next steps and had the courage and willingness to walk the path of this unfolding journey.

We acknowledge the donors for the thousands of dollars given over the years, for trusting the Board, the volunteers and the staff to guide Reiki Home into a regenerative organization that is welcoming, respectful, and honors all those who seek to live by the values expressed by Reiki Home. Though your names are not listed out of respect for your privacy, your gifts allowed Reiki Home to grow into a global organization serving in many ways so all life can flourish.

We acknowledge the volunteers for giving many hours, sharing your professional skills, and accomplishing the tasks necessary for the global community of Reiki Home to emerge, grow and serve the world.

We thank you
For the dedication and commitment given,
For the skills and talents so generously shared,
For the challenges met and the pain experienced
For the thousands of hours and dollars given,
With our deepest gratitude,
we acknowledge and honor each of you.
You made, and are making, a difference.

Together, we continue to answer Reiki’s invitation to create a “home” where all Reiki students, lineages and established practices are welcome as hand in hand and heart to heart we work together building peace, bringing healing to ourselves and healing the earth.

Since 2009, we have had 126 volunteers from 26 countries served on 28 teams or groups, many serving on more than one. The groups/teams are listed in the order created. Any omission is an error unless a volunteer requested his/her name be omitted. If there is any incorrect information, please contact us. We have done our best to include all who served, or are serving, Reiki Home.

RFI Board of Trustees – 1997 – 2010         

Phil Morgan, USA, (1997-2010)
Christina Aguilar, Argentina, (1997-2010)
Rolf Bieri, Switzerland, (1997-2010)
Rick Bockner, Canada, (1997-2010)
Plinio Cutait, Brazil, (1997-2010)
Martha Passenbrunner, Germany, (1997-2010)
Ruth Wong Pine, Hong Kong, (1997-2010)

The Home Group – 2009 – 2012     

Elaine Andres, USA, Home Group (2009-2012)
Charlotte Bessels, The Netherlands (2009-2012)
Tim Cunningham, USA (2009-2012)
Laurence Fontaine, Mexico (2009-2012)
Fran Freeman, USA (2009-2012)
Sue Kirtland, USA (2009-2012)
Elfie Schlumberger, Germany (2009-2012)
Tim Thomas, USA (2009-2012)
Collene Delaney, USA (2010-2012)
Ingrid Van Alst, The Netherlands(2010-2012)

The Working Group – 2010             

Gilberto Arias, USA (2010)
David Bandas, USA (2010)
Phyllis Furumoto, USA (2010)
Jurgen Kindler , Germany (2010)
Henrik Lund, Denmark (2010)
Nirdosh Samolyanov, Russian Federation (2010)
Catherina Severin, Denmark (2010)
Barbara West, USA (2010)
Joyce Winough, USA  (2010)

Holders of Flame – 2011 – 2014      

Charlotte Bessels, The Netherlands (2011-2014)
Cristina Aguilar, Argentina (2011-2014)
Rolf Bieri, Switzerland (2011-2014)
Plinio Cutait, Brazil (2011-2014)
Phil Morgan, USA (2011-2014)
Martha Passenbrunner, Germany (2011-2014)
Ruth Wong Pine, Hong Kong (2011-2014)

Board of Directors – 2011 – Present

David Bandas, USA (2011)
Viviana Bilezker, Argentina (2011)
Catherina Severin, Denmark (2011-2012)
Laurence Fontaine, Mexico (2011-2012)
Phil Morgan, USA (2011-2012)
Mamta Nanda, UK (2011-2012)
Rick Bockner, Canada (2011-2013)
Rita Freyeisen, Spain (2011-2013)
Scott Howlett, Australia (2011-2014)
Monica Weber, Switzerland (2011-2014)
Collene Delaney, USA (2013-2014)
Donna Stetser, USA (2011-2014 & 2016-Present)
Rosina Wiltshire, Barbados (2013-2016)
Astrid Bagwitz, Estonia (2015-2017)
Grainne Warner, UK (2013-Present)
Birgit Knorr, USA (2013-Present)
Peter Coates-Buglear, UK (2014-Present)
Patricia Cuadrado, Uruguay & Spain  (2014-Present)
Robert Kramps, The Netherlands (2016-Present)
Andre Baptista, Brazil (2017-Present)
Christopher Tellez, USA (2017-Present)

Council of Electors – 2011 – Present

Ruth Wong Pine, Hong Kong (2011)
Phil Morgan, USA (2012-2013)
Kristin Bonney, UK (2011-2015)
Marta Getty, USA & Italy (2011-2015)
Rick Bockner, Canada (2011-2018)
Paul Mitchell, USA (2011-2018)
Tripuri Dunne, UK (2014-2018)
Laurence Fontaine, Mexico (2016-2018)
Scott Howlett, Australia (2016-2018)
Carlos Sanchez, Argentina (2016-2018)

Financial Oversight Committee – 2011 – Present

Ray Pine, Hong Kong (2011-2015)
Julie Day, USA (2011-2015)
Grainne Warner, UK (2011-Present)
David Bandas, USA (2011-2014 & 2016-Present)
Erika Breiter, Switzerland (2016-Present)

Acquisition Team – 2012 – 2013                

Gilberto Arias, USA (2012-2013)
Henrik Lund, Denmark (2012-2103)
Phyllis Furumoto, USA (2012-2013)
Joyce Winough, USA (2012-2013)
Birgit Knorr, USA (2013)

Reiki Video Transcriber & Translators – 2012 – 2013      

Elaine Andres, transcriber (2012)
Viviana Bilezker, Argentina (2013)
Erika Breiter, Switzerland (2013)
Tania Maria Cervenka, Brazil (2013)
Helena Hungria, Brazil (2013)
Lida Perry, Italy (2013)
Nirdosh Samolyanov, Russian Federation (2013)
Carlos Sanchez Argentina (2013)
Caterina Severin, Denmark (2013)
Petra Timmermans, USA (2013)
Elina van der Heijden, The Netherlands (2013)
Beatrice von Schlick, Germany (2013)
Zaki Luisa Bonvicini, Italy (2013)

Executive Director Group – 2012 – Present

Erika Breiter, Switzerland (2012-2013)
Collene Delaney, USA (2012-2013)
Shelley Easthope, Canada (2012-2013)
Phyllis Furumoto, USA (2012-2013 & 2014-Present)
Karen Jones, USA (2013)
Elaine Andres, USA (2014-Present)
Kate Jones, UK (2014-Present)
Jolanda van Herk, Ireland (2014-Present)

Board Meeting Scribes  – 2012 – Present

Elaine Andres, USA (2012-2016)
Dina Konysbayeva, Russian Federation (2015-Present)
Ellen Montague, USA (2016)

Board Witnesses – 2012 – Present

Charlotte Bessels, The Netherlands (2011-Present)
Erika Breiter, Switzerland (2012-Present)
Ken Brooks, USA (2012)
Astrid Bagwitz, Estonia (2012-2013)
Collene Delaney, USA (2012-2013)
Carlos Sanchez, Argentina (2012-2013)
Joyce Winough, USA (2012, 2013, 2016)
Rebecca Bredenhof, The Netherlands (2015)
Inge Hindriks, The Netherlands (2015)
Tripuri Dunne, UK (2015 & 2017)
Monica Weber , Switzerland (2016)
Renate Heiman-Dari, Germany (2016)
Scott Howlett, Australia (2016)
Joyce Winough, USA (2016)
Krishna Kloers, Germany (2017)
Rita Freyeisen, Spain (2017)

Core Team Members – 2012 – Present

Rick Bockner, Canada (2012-2013)
Rebecca Bredenhof, The Netherlands (2012-2013)
David Bandas, USA (2012-2014)
Heather Coates-Buglear, UK (2012-2014)
Kristin Bonney, UK (2012-2014)
Shelley Easthope, Canada (2012-2014)
Collene Delaney, USA (2012-2014)
Beccy Griffin, USA (2012-2014)
Willemijn Leedekerken, The Netherlands (2012-2014)
Beatrice von Schlick, Germany (2012-2014)
Monica Weber , Switzerland (2012-2014)
Tripuri Dunne, UK (2012-2014)
Charlotte Bessels, The Netherlands (2012-2015)
Ken Brooks, USA (2012-2016)
Phyllis Furumoto, USA (2012-2016)
Renate Heimann-Dari, Germany (2012-2016)
Astrid Bagwitz, Estonia (2012-2017)
Elaine Andres, USA (2012-Present)
Erika Breiter, Switzerland (2012-Present)
Donna Stetser, USA (2012-Present)
Joyce Winough, USA (2012-Present)
Heidi Gates, USA (2013-2014)
Kathy Araki, USA (2013-2014)
Milly Cain, UK (2013 & 2015-2016)
Inge Hindriks, The Netherlands (2013-2015)
Karen Jones, USA (2013-2014 & 2017-Present)
Antonella Vicini, Italy (2013-2015 & 2017-Present)
Robert Kramps, The Netherlands (2013-Present)
Kate Jones, UK (2013-Present)
Nur Stepanova, Russian Federation (2013-Present)
Grainne Warner, UK (2013-Present)
Amy Erez, USA (2014-Present)
Gary Viehdorfer, USA (2015-2016)
Sally Pickard, UK (2015-2016)
Patricia Cuadrado, Uruguay (2015-Present)
Krishna Kloers, Germany (2015-Present)
Birgit Knorr, USA (2015-Present)
Dina Konysbayeva, Russian Federation (2015-Present)
Andre Baptista, Brazil (2015-Present)
Peter Coates-Buglear, UK & Spain (2016-Present)
Christopher Tellez, USA (2017-Present)
Rita Freyeisen, Spain (2017-Present)

Executive Director Selection Committee – 2013              

Lyn Agnew, USA (2013)
Rick Bockner, Canada (2013)
Heather Coates-Buglear, UK (2013)

Staff – 2013 – Present

Karen Jones, USA, Executive Director (2013-2014)
Elaine Andres, USA, Executive Administrator (2015-2016)
Elaine Andres, USA, Creative Director of Reiki Home (2017-Present)

School Team/Akademia Team 2013 – Present

Charlotte Bessels, The Netherlands (2013-2014)
Johannes Reindl, Austria (2013-2014)
Fran Freeman, USA (2013-2014)
Natalia Litvinova, Russian Federation (2013-2014)
Karin Dobek-Jager, Germany (2013-2015)
Bayan Joldasbekova, Kazakhstan (2013-2016)
Lillene Pedersen, Denmark (2013-2016)
Lillya Polianchikova, Ukraine (2013-2016)
Rebecca Bredenhof, The Netherlands (2013-2017)
Nur Stepanova, Russian Federation (2013-2017)
Svetlana Ushakova, Kazakhstan (2013-2017)
Elaine Andres, USA (2013-Present)
Astrid Bagwitz, Estonia (2013-Present)
Patricia Cuadrado, Uruguay & Spain (2013-Present)
Donna Stetser, USA (2013-Present)
Phyllis Furumoto, USA (2014-Present)
Ben Haggard, USA & Germany (2014-2016)
Jessica Palin, UK (2014-2016)
Dina Konysbayeva, Kazakhstan (2015-Present)
Jane Kretz, Denmark (2017-Present)

Translation Team – 2013 – Present

Nora Belton, Spain (2013-2015)
Maria de la Luz Diaz, Chile (2013-2015)
Lotte Lings Greir, Denmark (2013-2015)
Raymonde Menga-Demai, France (2013-2015)
Taka Mieda, USA (2013-2015)
Lillene Pedersen, Denmark (2013-2015)
Mansi Pugachyova, Canada (2013-2015)
Nick Rader, The Netherlands (2013-2015)
Eileen Sakai, USA  (2013-2015)
Laila Winther, Denmark (2013-2015)
Emilia Sarmento, Portugal (2013-2015)
Annette Gruber van Hinte, The Netherlands (2013-2015)
Galina Rachkovskaya, Russian Federation (2013-2015)
Inge Hindriks, The Netherlands (2013-2015)
Lida Perry, Italy (2013-2015)
Catherina Severin, Denmark (2013-2015)
Antonella Vincini. Italy (2013-2017)
Palmoa Carbonell Gonzales, Spain (2013-Present)
Esther Rodriguez Camacho, Spain (2013-Present)
Tania Cervenka, Brazil (2013-Present)
Astrid Bagwitz, Estonia (2013-Present)
Helena Hungria, Brazil (2013-Present)
Jolanda van Herk, Ireland (2013-Present)
Nur Stepanova, Russian Federation (2013-Present)
Beatrice von Schlick, Germany (2016-2017)
Dina Konysbayeva, Russian Federation (2016-Present)
Petra Timmermans, USA (2016-Present)
Elina van der Heijden, The Netherlands (2016 Present)
Dr. Ana Maria do Laudo Castrucci, Brazil (2016-Present)
Joao Antonio de Oliveira Jr, Brazil (2016-Present)
Joanna Jakubowske Elias-Saenz, Spain (2016-Present)
Iryna Ostapyuk, Italy (2016-Present)
Ingrid Moritzen, Russian Federationn, (2017-Present)
Jennifer Arosio Ratti, Italy (2017-Present)

Board Alternate – 2014 – Present

Astrid Bagwitz , Brazil (2014)
Gilberto Arias, USA (2015)
Nur Stepanova, Russian Federation (2015-2016)
Jane Kretz, Denmark (2016
Andre Baptista, Brazil (2015-2017)

Communication Team Members 2015 – 2016       

Patricia Cuadrado, Uruguay (2015-2016)
Christine Haden, USA  (2015-2016)
Sue Kirtland, USA  (2015-2016)
Jolanda van Herk, Ireland (2015-2016)
Karen Johnson, Canada (2015-2016)
Renate Heiman-Dari, Germany (2015-2016)
Robert Kramps, The Netherlands  (2015-2017)
Jeroen Mets, The Netherlands  (2015-2017)
Elaine Andres, USA (2015-2017
Dori Beeler, USA & UK (2015-2017)

Acquisition Team – 2016 – 2017     

Phyllis Furumoto, USA (2016-2017)
Andre Baptista, Brazil  (2016-2017)
Birgit Knorr, USA  (2016-2017)
Kate Jones, UK  (2016-2017)
Joyce Winough, USA  (2016-2017)

Administration Assistance – 2016 – Present

Kathryn Bing-You, USA, Bookkeeper, (2016-2017)
Donna Smith, USA, Bookkeeper, (2018-Present)
Monica Weber , Switzerland, Administrative Assistance (2016-2018)
Doreen Curry, USA, Administrative Assistance (2017-Present)

Communication Team Coordinators2016 – Present

Elaine Andres, USA (2015-2018)
Dori Beeler, USA & UK, Website (2016-2018)
Nur Stepanova, Russian Federation, Translation (2016-2018
Karen Jones, USA, Social Media (2017-2018)
Fran Freeman, USA, Newsletter (2017-2018)

Trinidad Team – 2016 – Present

Birgit Knorr, USA (2015-Present)
Rosina Wiltshire, Barbados (2015-Present)
Patricia Cuadrado, Uruguay (2015-Present)
Elaine Andres, USA (2015-Present)
Donna Harris, Canada (2016-Present)
Calli Alexander-Hensley, USA (2016-Present)
Steven Brodber, Trinidad (2016-Present)
Keith Brudevold, USA (2016-Present)
Fran Freeman, USA (2016-Present)
Antonella Vicini, Italy (2016-Present)
Mika Kiburz, USA, (2016)

Newsletter Team – 2016 – Present

Karen Johnson, Canada (2016-Present)
Fran Freeman, USA (2017-Present)
Donna Harris. Canada (2017-Present)
Sally Pickard, UK (2017-Present)
Shelley Easthope, Canada (2017-Present)

Website Team – 2016 – Present

Jeroen Mets, The Netherlands (2016-2017)
Dori Beeler, USA & UK (2016-Present)
Karen Johnson, Canada (2016-Present)
Brittni Zacher, USA (2017-Present)

Reiki Circles Facilitators & Hosts – 2016 – Present

Heidi Gates, USA (2016)
Ellen Montague, USA  (2016)
Inge Hindriks, The Netherlands (2016-Present)
Elina van der Heijden, The Netherlands (2016)
Elaine Andres, USA (2016-Present)
Grainne Warner, UK (2016-Present)
Stephanie Bonadventure, France (2017)
Patricia Cuadrado, Uruguay (2017)
Carlos Sanchez, Argentina (2017)
Dina Konysbayeva, Kazakhstan (2017-Present)
Kate Jones, UK (2017-Present)
Treechild, Canada (2017-Present)
Karen A’Rowan, USA (2017-Present)
Jodi Eaton, USA (2017-Present)
Frank Coppieters, USA (2017-Present)
Kathy Melcher Coppieters, USA (2017-Present)
Hilde de Vos, The Netherlands (2017-Present)

Social Media Team – 2017 – Present

Karen Jones, USA (2017-Present)
Antonella Vicini, Italy (2017-Present)
Christopher Tellez, USA (2017-Present)

Trinidad Conference

My Gift of Gratitude