Reiki Home ~ An Unfolding Journey!


This is a growing source that will provide current information regarding Reiki, its people, tradition, history and practice. Here you will find resources and avenues to illuminate the many facets of Reiki practice. For example, this is the only place where you will find an aggregate group of practitioner scholars whose qualitative research takes a holistic, deep view of Reiki practice. As this section expands, you can anticipate opportunities to…

•  Explore knowledge. 
•  Expand your mind.
•  Embody your practice.
•  Engage in discussion with others around the world.

These opportunities create gateways of learning. As your awareness grows, you will find occasions for enriched participation in the global Reiki community.

We want to make this section fresh and new with evolving topics that engage your desire to learn. Please share the topics that stimulate your interest so we can better serve you.