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Amy Erez – Lessons of Virtual Connection 

In the past two years, I have been using more virtual technology to connect with people in the Core Team meetings, doing preparation of Reiki Home materials as well as with some of my private clients. At first, this felt like stepping into a whole new world. There was a new etiquette and a new language I needed to learn. Many unusual feelings went along with it.

I watched myself as I responded with timidity, uncertainty, tears, and silence. It was wondrous to sit in my own space and observe the interactions of people around the world. I’m accustomed to being behind a camera, not in front of one! I was self conscious about how I looked to others; my own image was a distraction.

As I watched the behaviors of those who were experienced with this form of communication, I came to realize that they were as comfortable as if they were together in person, or on the phone having a chat. They knew each other well enough not to worry about the camera’s angle giving an unusual view. They were just pleased to see each other.

Sometimes, the internet stopped cooperating and there were interruptions in the conversation. Or someone would not know how to operate the system well, forgetting to turn on or off the mic or video, causing a disruption in the process.

In time, I discovered that this form of communication was actually held in a different rhythm. It was like when children are in the room and the conversation ebbs and flows to accommodate their needs, back and forth between playing and adult attention.

As I became more comfortable with this different rhythm, I found more patience with this process and felt an upwelling of freedom and acceptance within myself. I had freedom from my self-imposed need to appear perfect.

As a newcomer, the group gave me acceptance as I learned to use this foreign form of being with them. I, in turn, became more patient with myself and could extend that patience to others when they had trouble with finicky behavior of the internet.

Ultimately, there were many lessons I learned from the experience of virtual connection. Patience, perseverance, humility, and the joy of connecting are only a few. Yet again, I’ve seen that we are all human, with different strengths and weaknesses. Through this incredible technology, we can be together even when we are apart, as we help each other through the confusion and inconsistencies of this new form of communication.

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