Photo by Kalinka Staikova

I have a hard time making words describe what I feel and see about this project, but it is time to try to make my vision of this more accessible to others, so this my attempt to communicate the excitement I have for this work we have been involved with for the last years.

Each of us received Reiki through initiation and practice.  What motivated us to seek out a Reiki Master and take a course is only the beginning.  What we actually did was to consent to a process that continues to this day and into the future.

In my case I was driven by despair and major changes in my personal life to find some vessel that could contain and transform my pain into something positive and hopeful.  I had no intention to become a healer, only to be healed.  Although I had always had an interest in Buddhism and Japanese design and philosophy, I have to say, my initial reason to choose Reiki was that it came along at the right time.  Meeting Hawayo Takata changed me in some way.  Being initiated by her made me feel that I was a part of some larger association with a purpose.  She did not encourage these thoughts but only told me to keep practicing and pay attention, which I did to the best of my ability.

This is important because I believe we, as students of Reiki, are connected in subtle ways to each other.  We share more than a technique.  We share an awareness of energy moving around us and through us.  Over time, my view of what this means has widened.  Now I feel that what we learned has taught us that we are a world wide community- different in many ways from each other on a personal level, but moving in harmony on an energetic level.

Reiki Home offers me a chance to bring some of this sense of belonging down to the material plane.  It does not any longer feel “theoretical” or “unsubstantiated”.  We are one.  One mind, one heart, one future, one love.  The question is for me-  “What do we want to create from this realization?”  Certainly more than a real estate investment, a spa, a retreat centre, or a vacation spot for Reiki people.

Reiki Home to me is not even a place necessarily.  It is about recognizing that we belong to a common practice that we all hold to be central to our lives.  It is about finding outlets for our diverse personal creativity.  It is about taking responsibility for each others’ healing.  It is about learning from our differences and experiences.  It is about caring for something larger than my own life and needs.  It is about expressing my gratitude for the harvest and abundance I have received from my Reiki Master, who saw some seed in me that needed to be germinated and grown, so many years ago.  It is recognizing the immense commitment that our Lineage took to nurture and evolve our practice to where it is today.  It is about taking the next step with others to move into the world with confidence and not being shy to acknowledge the world of energetic healing and change.

Rather than convince you that this is a good thing, ask for your money to move it forward, and try to erase your skepticism- I want to invite you to be a part of this.  It is an opportunity.  I do not know where it will lead, but we said “Yes” to Reiki and I believe it is now appropriate and timely to say “Yes” to each other and our common practice.  Nothing is required of you.  You can find your own currency and way of contributing what you have- skills, experiences, stories, longings, wishes and wealth in all its forms.  Lets do something different and break out of the old mind set of personal gain as the only reward worth pursuing.

We have something way bigger than we can imagine and we have begun to build a structure and organization to hold our most precious dreams.  Reiki Home is an invitation to find a way to hold, preserve, and share what we have learned from our common practice.  I know there is unlimited potential here to make a real difference in the world and to be of service on a level we are just beginning to recognize.  Please join us.