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Reiki Circles

Imagine ~ Accepting the call to take a virtual journey with Reiki for one hour in your day. As you practice self-Reiki, you sense an opening within your awareness.

Imagine ~ A new sense of clarity, a deeper relationship with yourself, a closer partnership with Reiki, an expanded and concentrated connection with other travelers from the global Reiki community.

Imagine ~ Your focus increases the energy of your individual journey shared within our community of practice. The energy of these hands, in heart-mind, lifts us and makes the journey simple, the revelations easy, the experience profound.
By Ellen Montague

In Reiki Circles we seek to honor our selves, each other and life. We come together virtually in service to Reiki building a network of peace and healing. Each one of us anchors Reiki in our physical location, connecting our light together and filling the spaces in-between. Sitting together, we consciously create connection and form a worldwide web of Reiki.

Reiki circles are open to anyone inspired to join, with the intention of strengthening love and giving gratitude so all life may flourish. Together we strengthen our solidarity by uniting in Reiki.

For dates, times and focus of our circles, check the calendar of Events. The link to join a circle is posted on the calendar.

Trinidad Conference

My Gift of Gratitude