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Together in Reiki — comments from participants:

“Lovely experience, very strong energy, great to be connected with so many people from all around the globe.”

“Touched by the beauty and simplicity.”

“A heartfelt thank you for those beautiful opportunities to connect together at the same time.”

“Very emotional and heart-warming.”

‘”It was an unexpected thorough experience. I felt so connected and the stillness…. incredible.”

Inspired Guidance — comments from participants:

“Lordy, Elaine, it (the Inspired Guidance session) touched more than my heart!
I’ve developed health issues that have had me lost, floundering and separated from myself, regardless of swathes of Reiki and the love and support of friends and Reiki colleagues.
I knew that it was a process I needed to sit with, see and wait for the fear to pass through and clarity return, and the meditation (with Reiki hands on for that hour) somehow gave me back to myself. Today I feel tearful with relief rather than from fear and confusion.
So, multitudinous blessings to you, to Frank, and to all who manifest their depth of commitment and love and share it so generously with us.” Sally, UK

“I am unable to join this circle but want to take a moment to tell you how much I appreciate you connecting me with Reiki Home. The meditations with Frank and Kathy are creating such a beautiful energy base. Even when I cannot join at the designated time, I meditate for an hour at a different time and it connects me with the group.
During these changing times on earth, it feels important to have groups joining together and generating love through meditation. What a powerful force is created when we come together!
I cannot thank you enough for doing this important work. Deep peace,” Janine Bertram, Belgium

Trinidad Conference

My Gift of Gratitude