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Trinidad Conference

As we connect with each other, the earth and our spirituality, we are invited to experience the deepest level of what it means to be human. By allowing ourselves to live with vulnerability, love, and compassion, we are able to overcome the divisions that exist inside ourselves. As these artificial divisions soften, we can manifest the gentleness that comes from living within a consciously committed community. By recognizing and embodying our Oneness with each other, nature, and spirit, we are able to act in ways that spread peace throughout the world.

Reiki Home is organizing a conferenceBuilding Peace, Healing Ourselves, Healing the Earth – in Port of Spain, Trinidad in 2018. Our partner organizations include: Initiatives of Change International (IofC) in Caux, Switzerland, the First People, the Caribbean and Trinidad Reiki communities and the Creators of Peace.

Location: Trinidad is a microcosm of the world with different religions, races and social classes and all of the conflicts inherent with any diverse mix. It is an ideal place to bring people together to create and experience being the change and discovering new ways to live that out.

Audience: The conference seeks to gather those who share the same vision from all races, ages, social classes, and religious backgrounds around the world are invited.

Trinidad Conference

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