Trinidad Land

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Trinidad Land

While serving on the RFI Board of Directors in 2014 and attending the Annual  General Meeting (AGM), Rosina Wiltshire and her husband, Jan, gave ten acres of the land located outside Port of Spain to the RFI. During the next year she pursued the governmental channels for permission to subdivide the land and make the gift.

Rosina says, “The land represents for me a place of retreat and healing for our local, regional and global community, who share the vision of a loving, green environment. We serve in partnership those who seek to create peace and regenerate the earth. It is an opportunity to experience a shared healing and connection.”

A group of eight Reiki students traveled to Trinidad in September 2016 to begin exploring the possibilities for the land. The group listened to the land, connected with the local Reiki community and learned about the country. After a week, they returned excited by the abundance of joy and giving emanating the land and its people. A team was formed to continue the visioning process and listen to Reiki for the next steps.

In the years to come, the gift of land will host a learning community and become a place to share how Reiki supports holistic health for individuals, communities, the earth, and all life. The center will provide opportunities for people to gather to exchange ideas, experience Reiki, discover a place of stillness within, and to re-connect with themselves, others, and the earth.