Catherina Severin is from Denmark and lives in Arizona. She is a Reiki Master and over the years with Reiki she has developed an ability to channel soul portraits. She was involved in the Reiki Home project from the very beginning and in that process she was led to draw the spiritual essence of the Reiki Home. This drawing is the visual image for this Blog.  With it came a poem which is a calling for coming “Together in Vitality. “

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From a place of pure being
There is another way of seeing
Knowingly from a pint of view
Recognizable, yet seemingly new
From this space of clarity
Mainifesting prosperity
A Reiki Home for all to see
And quite a few to come and be
Holding the thought,the dream comes through.
In Reiki to mirror you, you, and you.
A vision stretching from Earth to Sky
For Reiki friends to support and buy
Energy gathered for humanity’s sake
It is all a matter of give and take
Reiki for balance and peace at hearts
Be part of the family from where it starts.


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October 15, 2010

From Catherina:

In my desire to describe the concept of a Reiki Home and the warm embracing feeling I had when thinking about it, I asked myself: “How does it look?”

“Like a massive dynamic energetic gateway – a two-way system where Reiki can feed into Spirit and Spirit can feed into Reiki wherever it is needed on the planet…”

So I decided to do an experiment and draw the Reiki Home using the same intuitive method I use for my spirit portraits in soft pastels. I ask to be shown the colors of the soul and then the whiteness of the paper speaks to me. It is as if the image appears translucently in a step-by-step process.  Here is the description of the drawing from my eyes.

Clear blue tones of ocean and sky gave color to signify the souls and entities who would relate and/or benefit from that which a Reiki Home would offer – physically as well as non-physically.

Intertwined faces showed up as reflections of the mystic we each hold within us. The part of us who truly wishes to remind us to trust Reiki.

Translucent golden-white velvety light showed itself as a mirror of humanity’s connection to all there is.

Strokes of green from the fertile lushness of plants and forests created the roof for the Reiki Home, a sign of the ever sprouting and refreshing space that a Reiki Home will provide.

Though motion may not be obvious in this “portrait”, I sense a feeling of great movement, as if the house is a rocket set off to align with Spirit and Truth. This motion creates the two-way portal mentioned above. I see this gateway manifesting easily if only we gather together in a mutual effort to establish a physical place as an example: A moving still point of Reiki in space and time.