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Welcome! Bienvenu! Willkommen! Welkom! Bienvenido! ようこそ!   Bem-vindo! Benvenuto! Добро пожаловать!

Reiki Home ~ An Unfolding Journey

Reiki Home is an alive, growing community inspired by the daily practice of Reiki. It brings Reikistas* together as an intentional, global community engaged in Reiki in Action. (*Reikistas is Spanish for people who study, practice, and receive Reiki.) As such it creates a conscious, concentrated field of Reiki around the world.

Our community gathers in many ways to develop friendships, build peace, heal ourselves, deepen our practice, and care for the earth; all from a place of gratitude.

Are you curious about the potential of Reiki? Are you willing to explore with a Reiki community journeying together in its discovery of Reiki’s potential? Do you yearn for a diverse community as you share Reiki as a way of life?

If so, you are welcome! Come as you are! Bring your questions, challenges, and the learning edges of your life. Bring your mind, heart, body and soul. Join the unfolding journey as you continue to discover who you are and who you are becoming and live into your potential.

This website brings the Reiki Home community into your own home. Together, we create a space inspired by the poem, Home, as we seek to live its essence.

The Reiki Home community is waiting for you! We are learning to live from our own place on earth in a way that holds the world and all life in our hands. Offer your hands, your heart, your passion as we participate together in this unfolding adventure.


Home poem

Share Your Voice

Trinidad Conference

My Gift of Gratitude


Home is a place of welcome
a place where I am received
just as I am without judgment.
Where I am loved
without any need to be different
a place where I am trusted to find my own way
to create my own path in my own time.

Home is a heart space
a place of being known
a place where my vulnerability is honored
and love, compassion, and support abound.

Home is a place of rest
a place of silence, stillness, and solitude
a place where I come to listen to the words of my soul
where the gift of Holy Listening is practiced
a place where my voice is heard
and my truth acknowledged

Home is a place of healing
where wounds are bound
encouragement given
a place where I am held gently
in honor and respect as I heal

Home is a grounding place
a place of light I share with others
a place of learning
of deepening my connection
to the System I practice.

Home is a place where questions
are pondered and discussions are held
in an open and respectful way
a place where freedom is encouraged
as I move deeper into the Mystery of my Life.

Home is a place of service
where the gift that I am
is named, welcomed, and celebrated
a place where I am invited to offer all that I am
and all that I am becoming

Home is a place that beckons me to return

By: Elaine Andres © April 2010
Reprinted with permission.