The Story of Reiki Home


Home is a place of welcome
a place where I am received
just as I am without judgment.
Where I am loved
without any need to be different
a place where I am trusted to find my own way
to create my own path in my own time.

Home is a heart space
a place of being known
a place where my vulnerability is honored
and love, compassion, and support abound.

Home is a place of rest
a place of silence, stillness, and solitude
a place where I come to listen to the words of my soul
where the gift of Holy Listening is practiced
a place where my voice is heard
and my truth acknowledged

Home is a place of healing
where wounds are bound
encouragement given
a place where I am held gently
in honor and respect as I heal

Home is a grounding place
a place of light I share with others
a place of learning
of deepening my connection
to the System I practice.

Home is a place where questions
are pondered and discussions are held
in an open and respectful way
a place where freedom is encouraged
as I move deeper into the Mystery of my Life.

Home is a place of service
where the gift that I am
is named, welcomed, and celebrated
a place where I am invited to offer all that I am
and all that I am becoming

Home is a place that beckons me to return

By: Elaine Andres © April 2010
Reprinted with permission.