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Photo Aleema Fontaine

The vision of Reiki Home includes the gift of “service.”  It seems that the practice does include service from a Japanese cultural context.  This is subtle and often lost in the western way of relationships.  Sometimes it seems our approach to service is more through helping the needy….those less fortunate than we think we are.  Or it is because “that person needs Reiki” so coming from a more powerful and expert place addressing a person who is “in need.

Rachel Ramen, a medical advocate, says that service is about serving Life…trusting and knowing that each person has their own life.  Life is sacred and a mystery with unknown purpose.  In offering to help or to fulfill an imaged need of another, we can create unequal relationships and keep the separation of the have and the have nots alive, or we can celebrate life together with each other.  This is, according to Rachel, the secret of healing.  I have also been a part of this celebration and have observed this through the eyes of another.

Reiki Home is intended to become, among other things, a pilgrimage site for the regeneration of healer in the world.  Right now the concept of healing often has a “fixing and helping”  included the idea of service.  One of the main teaching in our Reiki path to support the natural and powerful concept of oneness and of healing.  This can be expressed in being ourselves and in being ourselves, we can serve others without our personal agendas being present.

One of the ways to do this, is to be a part of the staff for Reiki Home and its programs as a volunteer.   Our vision is of volunteers coming from all parts of the world, serving for a week, for a month, or a period of time that is suitable to their service and their own healing path.  It is not intended that people come to “permanently” volunteer unless they have local accommodation and connections.

Right now there are present needs that could be filled by volunteers in an effort to enlarge the base of Reiki students and masters physically involved in the manifestation of Reiki Home.

Volunteer positions open now!

Content manager for web site
Facebook page monitor for Reiki Home Facebook page  (new one being prepared now)
Willing hands to send Reiki to the Board members and the Core Team
Data Base monitor
Local connection people for local community building for Reiki Home
Photo, Video and Audio editors to initiate, record, and edit all media from gatherings, meetings, and next step interviews with Board members.

The recognition of volunteerism as a part of the spiritual path is not a new one.  Reiki Home will give hundreds of people with skills and energy to do work across all levels of expression a chance to give back to Reiki, to their practice, and enter into a healing environment for themselves.   If you have the skill and will to be a part of our Volunteer Team
please go to “Contact” on this web site and send in your contact information.